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Long distances in stable wind – welcome to our Greenland Expeditions in 2024

Expedition Kangerlussuaq – Qaanaaq 2024.
Guide/s: Camilla Ringvold and Håkon Mæland

Avaliable spots: 4

The best snow kiting on Greenland is found between Kangerlussuaq and Qaanaaq. Golden miles of white snow and white horizons as long as the eye can see.

Start location: Kangerlussuaq/Søndre Strømfjord – Point 660
Start date: Between April 25th and May 1st 2024 (TBD)
End location: Qaanaaq (THULE)
Maximum participations: 4
Total km: approx.2000km
Total days on ice: 20-25

We will ascend the icecap on foot/crampons/skins from point 660 in the south/vest of Greenland and walk up through the glacier. This journey takes 3-4 days. We will take our time, adjust and get into expedition mode. When the risk of crevasses is minimised, we will travel with kites the full distance up north and descend down to the Bowdoin fjord in the north. Throughout those days, we will experience mostly wonderful bluebird days, light winds, and heavy winds, powder and sastrugi. No two days are the same. At the deep end of the Bowdoin fjord, will we be picked up of by local inuits and traditional Greenland dog sleds and ride the final 50km across the sea ice to Qaanaaq. Until the pickup, the journey is fully unsupported – meaning we will carry with them all food, equipment, weapon (yes, there are polar bears in Greenland) and fuel needed for the crossing of the ice cap.

To join this expedition;
– you have an excellent health and no need for daily intake of fluid medications
– you are familiar with kiting downwind with pulk in 3-5ms
– ride overpowered downwind
– pull a pulk of 80kg
– you are familiar with winter camping in cold climate

Join us for a remarkable journey and gather memories that will last you a lifetime!

-Group expedition equipment (cookware/tent)
-Expedition application to Greenland government
-Radio license/weapon license application/SAR insurance application
-Bond for expedition of 200 000DKK (approx 25 000 EUR) on offset account for emergency rescues not applicable for insurance claim.
-Mandatory expedition communication kit (Inreach, Satellite phone, PBR
-Transport to glacier (pt.660) from Kangerlussuaq.(Note: this does not include any Heli transfers to and from the ice-cap)
-Sled transport from Bowdoin fjord to Qaanaaq with local inuit hunters
-Weapon rental and ammunition
-Fuel for full expedition, est. 0,25l purified gasoline pr. person pr. day.
-Expedition medical kit, including prescriptions & doctor on call
-Forecast from back office daily
-Expedition planning, applications, guiding and comms.
-On ice guiding including routes on /off icecap incl. equipment lists, food recommendation list, medical overview
-Back office online during expedition time. Updated forecasts.
-SAR insurance
-Additional backup expedition equipment for group, ropes, tent repairs, ski repairs, sled etc

Without limitation, the following items are excluded from the expedition price: International flights to and from Greenland, SAR insurance fee 30 days (approx 45-50 EUR pr. person pr. day) Including extensions (10 days – mandatory), accommodation in Kangerlussuaq and Qaanaaq, local flights in Greenland, food before, during and after expedition, personal expedition equipment, general travel insurance, excess baggage fees on personal equipment (if any), any costs associated with leaving the expedition early, any costs resulting from delays, disruptions or variations due to weather or ice-cap conditions, any helicopter journey that is required to be chartered (payable on a per person pro-rata basis), and any other cost not specified in the inclusions.

Maximum 4 participants pr expedition team.

Get in touch and we will do our very best to optimize your journey!

Price: from 170 000 NOK

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FOLLOW OUR TWO 2023 Expedition LIVE here.

Classic route – Kangerlussuaq – Qaanaaq
Start date on ice: April 20th
Håkon Mæland (expedition leader)
Jesse Crocker
Øystein Walle

South/North route – Narsaq – Qaanaaq
Start date on ice: April 20th
Camilla Ringvold (expedition leader)
Grażyna D Machnik


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